Terry Flack

Get Growing With Google

We all use Google, every day. Whether we are researching something or searching for a business who can help us, Google is our friend.

So if your customer is on Google, searching for your product or service (and bear in mind they are in a buying ready state) then your business needs to be there.

Google offers a vast array of products but there are a few that your business needs to be doing, and doing well so that you can be found when your customer is ready to transact.

So let’s take a journey along the Google path, exploring the multiple opportunities for your business to be searchable and reachable on Google, no matter how big or small your organisation is. So let’s get growing your business with Google.


In the digital age, technology is the driving power behind improved efficiency and effectiveness in our personal and business lives. Business leaders who embrace technology, embrace this power. Never before has the business landscape been so competitive yet so filled with opportunity.

In terms of harnessing opportunities there is no tool more powerful, more focused, more filled with opportunity than Google. With multiple Google tools available to help drive people to your website so they can interact and transact with your business.

Please join Terry Flack, a passionate and innovative Google expert as he walks you through what, for many, is the confounding and confusing world of Google. His simple, effective marketing tips and tricks will ensure your ideal client finds you, efficiently, effectively and profitably.

Having worked in multiple industries across 4 continents Terry has been a passionate marketer and sales person since he was a Boy Scout selling flower bulbs door-to-door in the wealthy suburbs, aged 11. He now is the proud leader of his dynamic digital marketing team at cannect digital, and he uses Google Marketing daily to power up his business, and that of his clients’.

Terry’s driving principal in this digital age is that we need to harness technology AND humanity to enable and establish connection with the right customer, to the right market, with the right product at the right time. And that time is NOW as Google is as one of the most powerful digital platforms to drive business growth.

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