Nestor Kornblum from Spain

Overtone Singing Meditation

Nestor will offer a musical meditation using the powerful Overtones of his voice together with a simple drone instrument, the Shruti box. The Overtones sound like a flute playing above the hum of the voice and create a deeply relaxing, refreshing and cleansing energy for self.healing and empowering your intention.

Nestor Kornblum is a co-founder and co-director of both the Spanish and International Associations of Sound Therapy together with his wife Michele Averard. He is a master Overtone Singer and plays many instruments. In addition to more than 10 CDs of music for healing, meditation and transformation, Nestor and Michele conduct Sound Healer Diploma Trainings, courses, workshops and perform concerts worldwide. Nestor’s articles have been published in magazines in many countries and in various languages and he has appeared on radio and national television in several countries. He has performed live concerts or been a keynote speaker on the subject of Sound Healing and Personal Growth and Transformation through Sound.
Nestor is author of “Overtone Chant – the Practical Guide” (book in 6 languages with CD)

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