Nathaniel Wilkins

Improving Health, Wellness and Healing in Black and Brown communities

Nate Wilkins, calls himself the agelesshealingofficial, because he gears his work around those principles, he says he is 66 years young and getting younger through health, wellness, and healing. Nate, see his work as a passion as this is his second career.
Key takeaways in this era of COVID-19
There is a need for a national conversation and action plan around improving the health, wellness, and healing in black and brown communities, many people are hurting and do not know where to turn, so many are times that turn on each other and or destroy their communities. Further, since we are all in this together, there needs to be a plane to educate and further enlighten the least of these,. The fact is there will be spillover in the larger communities, we can do something, now or will be forced to do more later.


Nate Wilkins, co-creator of the Agelessworkout, NOW Group, Inc and Panache Fitness, and Healing companies and actively aging spent 27 years as parks and recreation administrator, later managed fitness program at hotels and spas. He reinvented himself and devoted his second career to making health, wellness, and healing something that’s achievable for all who choose, in fact, he is sees it as a birthright. And is here to help clients discover that, with the help of the agelessworkout Fitness team. passion for helping others heal, reach their fitness goals, and understand the aging process. He is also a Nutrition Coach, educator, and speaker.

With a mission of helping people live a better quality of life through exercise, lifestyle, nutrition, and the aging process, He routinely works with people who have special needs, including conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, stroke rehab, and cancer recovery.

Nate holds certifications in corrective exercise specialist, stretch zone, active isolation stretching, spinning, group fitness, personal trainer, life coach, and more. He leads by example inspires and motivates others to improve their well-being and quality of life through living a healthy lifestyle.

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