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Panel of Experts

Join our discussion with a panel of healing and wellness experts on Saturday 11th July at 12pm.

We have a holistic wellness coach, a shamanic healer, an intuitive energy healer and a coach ready to take your questions live from the Moyo Talks studio in Cape Town.

Mark Bind is an internationally certified intuitive energy healer and a teacher & trainer of energy healers. Mark is also a founding partner at Moyo Talks and Moyo, The Heart Centre and is a partner at The 8 O’Clock Club. 

Mark has qualifications in hypnosis, coaching, time line therapy and neuro-linguistic programming. After an entrepreneurial career Mark made the shift to follow his passion and brings a unique blend of spiritual wisdom, psychic skills & compassionate coaching grounded with business & life experience.

As an intuitive energy healer Mark has spent several years exploring every physical symptom experienced by his family and has developed the Complete Aura Restoration, a proactive approach to energy healing that restores the entire energy body to its original state of divine light to assist with the ascension process.

You can visit Marks website here:

Claire Creighton is a shamanic practitioner. Her mission is to help people remember who they are and to live with purpose from their heart.

She does this through Shamanic Soul Retrieval healing, teaching Shamanic Journey workshops, Surrendering into the Heart meditation courses and discover your Mission and Purpose courses.

Claire studied and trained in London with the College of Psychic Studies, the School of Insight and Intuition, Second Sight Healing, The Sacred Trust, the Spiritualist Association of Great Britain, The Eagles Wing, and the Four Winds Academy. Claire qualified as a shamanic practitioner with Second Sight Healing.

She also studied EFT (emotional freedom technique) with New Age International Training and is a qualified EFT practitioner.

Claire also has a diploma in counselling skills from Kingston College of Further Education in London and a certificate in the foundation of modern psychology from Birkbeck University in London.

See for further information.

Cindy Holmes has a unique blend of Spiritual awareness and Business/ Entrepreneurial skills.

Her career has been spent in the Casual Dining sector of Restaurants in London and the Middle East – working as an operations director and owning a successful Master franchise for in the Middle East.

Alongside this, Cindy is proficient in the modalities of Healing, Intuition and Mediumship and is also an educator in these modalities.

Cindy is the Director and teacher at the School of Intuition and Healing in South Africa,, and a partner in the 8 o’clock club

Most recently Cindy has brought her skills together to become an Intuitive Business Mentor & Coach and developed the Living with Purpose program.

Brett Simpson’s career as a life coach began in 2007. After being diagnosed with an unusually-aggressive skin cancer (squamous carcinoma) that spread into his lymphatic system and threatened him with a potentially terminal prognosis, he needed to unravel the emotional and psychological impact of his cancer journey.

He has since become a highly-reputable, sought-after cancer guide and guardian, drawing on more than a decade’s dedication to counselling, coaching, studying and personal experimentation to find true holistic wellness. His knowledge and heart-centred approach, combined with his experience within his own cancer journey as a patient, carer, guide and guardian, provide him with a unique combination of skills and wisdom to facilitate meaningful shifts for those seeking a soft landing, support, practical tools and a tangible plan towards healing.

Brett is a qualified Coaches Training Institute (CTI) life coach (2007) and an accredited Integrative Enneagram practitioner. Brett held the position of Patient Care Director at Hummingbird Cancer Centre, was the CEO of Cancer Buddies and wrote the iBuddie guidance and healing program for People Living with Cancer (PLWC), before building his own consulting and coaching practice.

This panel will be broadcast live on Saturday 11th July 2020 starting at 12pm SAST (GMT +2).

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