Christine Hardy

Quality of being Rapture

How about finding out what is blocking this quality in our life and how this is impacting us? Lets explore and find out what is required to open up the pathway to receive this quality in our lives.


Christine Hardy has almost two decades of experience as a teacher and facilitator of a body/ mind energy medicine. Christine Hardy has facilitated workshops in Mauritius, Saudi Arabia and Australia. She has taught a cross section of people from mums who want to heal their children or animals to medical and other health professionals who want to add another dimension to their area of specialization. Christine currently practises from Add to your health shop Flanders Mall Mount Edgecombe and North La Mercy. Remote / long distance sessions are her area of specialization. She works with people from all walks of life, each affected by a tapestry of various mental blockages, behavioral patterns, childhood traumas, limiting thought patterns and more. With her intensive strategy, she addresses and guides clients through their limitations into a powerful process of reprogramming the subconscious. Her precise and compassionate technique catalyzes the causes of depression, anxiety, stagnation in main areas of life; including career, relational, personal development and creative, uncovering Epigenetic influences a great deal of the time, in order to create a wildly successful, loving and fulfilling life for each client.​​

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10 spots to a remote group healing session will  be given away to 5 individuals 

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