Braco and his silent Gaze

Inner strength and mental peace – Braco’s silent gaze can help

Braco’s gaze is no ordinary gaze.
He has a special gift, to share something invisible through his eyes. The positive results in peoples lives have been astonishing even scientists for years. Through his silent gaze, inner balance, peace and optimism can be reawakened. Does that sound too incredible? Try it out. For 25 years people have been coming to the meetings with Braco’s gaze, because they say that it helps them, nourish the soul and simply makes them happier.

The event with Braco at the Wellness Lifestyle Conference
At the online event of the conference on July 12th 5 p.m. SAST a german medical doctor will introduce Braco. Then Braco will simply look into the camera and people from up to 50 different countries around the world look into his eyes at the same time. That what Braco shares through his eyes online cannot be heard or seen, but, if there is a certain openness, it can be perceived in the heart. The so called energy, the consciousness, some also speak of an unconditional love, which people feel, when looking in Braco´s eyes, is simultaneously available over many years to numerous viewers of different nations, religious groups and ways of life.

What do you feel, when you look into Braco´s eyes?
Many a sensitive viewer on the screen, perhaps thousands of miles away, reports of an energy, a force that flows through him tangibly. Heavy thoughts and feelings dissolve and optimism and joy are awakened. Even physical ailments improve for some viewers, although Braco is only meant to be an additional help when it comes to health problems. Some people report harmonization and help in their working life, financial problems and in family and partnership. Others feel a noticeable strengthening of the soul, an expansion of consciousness, a “brightening” in the soul, experiences which, as a scientist once said, remind one of a Kundalini awakening, are described.

Fascinating: Some people report changes in the hours and days after the encounter. Even watching videos on Braco (Youtube – Braco official channel or DVDs) helps people to find peace and support.

A UN organisation awarded Braco in New York 2012 an international peace prize, which the Dalai Lama and Mother Teresa had received before him. The US consciousness reseracher Prof. Dr. William Tiller said: „Braco is the leading figure of the new paradigm.“

Official website for information:
Actual YouTubeClips: Braco – A gate to new dimensions

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